Creative Designs for 2020 Luxury Homes

One of the difficult parts of designing a creative and modern residence involves making sure that it stands out from the crowd of luxury homes. With so many trends emerging each day, some have shown unique and creative elements while others fizzle out despite hopeful beginnings. In 2020, we are seeing new designs that homeowners are embracing as an ode to the modern lifestyle.

Personalization is essential. Your home design should satisfy your personal needs, functions, and desires – what you want to gain from home. Just as how we are all different, you have a unique taste when it comes to décor, function, and luxury, compared to others. At the same time, we all crave convenience, so it’s clear that using current technology and amenities can help achieve the desired level of comfort at home and enhance its livability. However, these trendy designs are not limited to be fancy, high-tech, and expensive. You can follow some creative designs that are popular in 2020 and will suit your luxury home.

  1. Unbelievable Kitchens
    While gourmet kitchens are a timeless trend, the functionality and design will change. In 2020, you will
    find that luxury kitchens contain items like smart cooking appliances, wine cabinets, warming drawers, and hidden walk-in pantries. These kitchen designs contain all the tools that are essential for preparing and presenting gourmet meals, and serve as part of the home’s entertainment and living area. As guests walk into your kitchen, creating enough space for conversation and collaboration whil preparing meals will be common this year. Designs in 2020 feature more counter space, with open layouts that facilitate flow and expertly-placed lighting, and unobstructed sightlines.
  1. Canoe as Ceiling Décor
    Designing a canoe ceiling will perfectly coordinate with your American style home. The design takes inspiration from a Vermont-based restaurant. This unique aspect gives an amazing look to your kitchen
    or living room. Whenever guests visit your home, they will definitely find this an attractive feature.
  2. Transparent Rooftop Pool
    Another new design feature of luxury homes is a cross-laid swimming pool. This includes a pool on top of the other. The top pool has a glass bottom, which will bring a fantastic swimming experience, and you
    will feel as if you are floating in the air. Architectural structures with minimalist décor, straight, clear lines, and bold color palettes give a refined look to luxury homes.
  3. Scalloped Edges
    Curves are among the most popular designs of 2020. You can see curves in different parts for home design, including chairs, beds, sofa, kitchen cabinets, etc. A great tool that is use by designers and construction companies is Revit Design, which uses 3-D modeling to design custom rooms and layouts in luxury homes. You may have seen this design trend in fish tank tiles. You can also use this design for your kitchen cabinetry and add similar design kitchen tiles above the super front. Similarly, in beauty and fashion, the mermaid look has been trending for a long time. Interior designers have gone further in following creative design to create unique luxury home spaces, and people love it.
  4. Thoughtful Outdoor Spaces
    There are many ways in which luxury homes differentiate from standard homes. Homes that include creatively designed outdoor spaces will look prominent and radiate a distinct opulence. Designed outdoor spaces will function as an extension of your luxury home and work as an additional living area that helps you and your guests enjoy the comfort in an outdoor area.

It is natural to look for the latest home designs while designing your luxury home. Try collaborating with designers who can tell you what goes well depending on your home’s architecture and personal preference, while still following the latest trends. However, the above list is also perfect to satisfy your unique lifestyle and distinctive requirement.

Alex Capozzolo is the owner of the Brotherly Love Real Estate blog and a content writer for the real estate industry. We buy houses in Philadelphia, PA. Our focus is on helping people through one of the most important investment decisions of their lifetime by seamlessly providing fast, honest and professional real estate services.


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