Top Ways to Boost Home Resale Value

With real estate prices on the rise, it’s natural for homeowners preparing to sell their houses to consider ways to increase their home’s value. Prior to throwing a big chunk of money at an overall remodeling project that won’t net a higher sales price when you sell, it’s important for homeowners to determine what buyers want prior to the renovation for the best overall outcome. This blog explores the top ways homeowners can increase their home’s resale value via smart home improvement projects that make good use of time and budget.

1. Go To the Pros

Reach out to a professional — this may include a designer, real estate agent or home inspector, someone who has the industry knowledge to take a look at your home and offer important insight and advice. They’ll know what potential buyers want and how they’ll perceive your home. Identifying areas of improvement to focus on via the perspective of a professional will start the process off on the right foot.

2. Kitchen Renovations Bank Big Returns

If your kitchen is fairly modern, it may be best to focus on other areas of your home. Although kitchen remodeling can be pricey, it can be worth the investment. Worthwhile upgrades can include cabinet replacement, new kitchen countertops, and upgrading to Energy Star and new appliances. The kitchen is where people spend a lot of time in their homes, and therefore is money well spent.

3. Upgrade Your Doors / Enhance Curb Appeal

If prospective buyers drive by your home and they aren’t impressed, they’re not going to want to walk inside. Upgrading your exterior doors is a great way to enhance curb appeal of your home, and curb appeal will help sell your house. The way your home looks from the outside depends upon the condition of your garage area and front door. The exterior is a big selling point, so consider a facelift or replacement if needed.

4. Get Rid of What Isn’t Working

Take care to remove obvious eyesores from your house, including outdated or tacky light fixtures, aging wallpaper, dirty or stained carpeting and popcorn ceilings. There’s no need to invest in extremely high-end replacements either, contemporary and simple will possess universal appeal.

5. Basic Home Maintenance

Basic home maintenance and repairs are also critical prior to selling your home. Even if you invest in a kitchen renovation or bathroom upgrade, potential buyers may still be turned off if there is water in your basement. Your first priority should always be keeping the structure of your home sound. Even a home with a high end kitchen reno can lose appeal when accompanied by a leaky basement foundation and musty smell. It’s always most critical to solve issues first, then upgrade to luxury later. A leaking roof is a much bigger issue than a dated and functional kitchen.

What you’ll get back on your investment depends upon your home’s value, the value of other homes in your neighborhood, the housing market where you live, and how soon you’ll sell after making your renovations. Reach out to a home remodeling expert in Westfield, NJ to get started today!


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