Top Home Remodeling & Design Trends For 2020

In this article, we’ll share some great trends and predictions regarding what’s to come in 2020. Design platform Houzz has rounded up some of the leading trends that are set to dominate residential design in the upcoming year. These selections have been determined via conversations with experts, activity among users within the Houzz platform, and company research. Here are some of the top trends you can expect to see all over social media and idea boards in 2020.

Dining Rooms that Make a Statement

As families choose to have meals in the kitchen or in other informal settings, the dining room has ceased to be a staple as they once were. However, dining rooms still serve as a popular spot for family gatherings, special occasions and holiday get-togethers. A hot trend for 2020 includes dining rooms that have some personality – this can include bold patterns, color, and lighting that takes a big step away from the context and style of the rest of the home.

Kitchens in Soft Colors

The most popular kitchen designs on the Houzz website all have “soft”palettes, including blues and light greys. This trend of subtle and muted tones is expected to continue in the upcoming year. All white kitchens have become infused with different colors, including greens, warm wood stains and more. The white kitchen is a classic, but 2020 will see more diversity of color and finish.

According to Houzz, white cabinets are still popular with kitchen remodelers (with 40 percent of renovating homeowners installing them), but there’s also more of an uptick in those searching for bold and colorful alternatives.

Laundry Rooms With Bold Colors

Houzz has seen a rise in the popularity of energizing and bold colored laundry rooms. Why shouldn’t laundry rooms be a more enjoyable space? Designers and homeowners have introduced patterns, colors, and features to transform laundry room spaces into cheerful, bold and quirky spots.

Double Floating Vanities

The trend of double floating vanities is on the rise among users. This is a great way to free up floor space and give your bathroom a more spacious feel. In 2019, almost 7 out of 10 homeowners undergoing renovations selected a double sink, according to Houzz’s study.

2019 Houzz Bathroom Study:

Bathroom Seating

Houzz has seen a rise in the trend of bathroom seating in the form of benches, stools, or built-in space. This seat can be used while relaxing, performing your night time skincare routine, brushing teeth, etc and offers great additional storage for candles, towels, books, etc. Think “spa-like” at home experience with a relaxing perch to carry out bath rituals.

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