The Impact of Feng Shui on Luxury Custom Homes

A study conducted by BGHRE reveals that the majority of Chinese-Americans are familiar with feng-shui principles, those which dictate spacial arrangements and produce a harmonious energy flow throughout a home. An estimated half of the study participants confirmed they followed the practice in their daily living. Feng-shui extends to home buying as well – 81% of Chinese-American home buyers revealed that feng-shui was a factor for the purchase of their most recent home.

As a development company that specializes in custom built luxury homes, our goal is to build higher quality upscale houses with modern designs and floor plans, we well as high tech features. Villane proudly serves customers in Westfield and surrounding areas of New Jersey. We excel at accommodating the cultural preferences of our clients, particularly Chinese and Asian-American clientele, and are well versed in the principles of feng shui. As expert home builders with more than 30 years of excellence behind us, we’re more than happy to cater to the cultural preferences and desires of our clients, and we welcome all Asian clientele of New Jersey to bring their demands to us. No special preferences or requirements are out of the question. Let the Villane team create the home of your dreams!

We believe it’s important for home builders to fully understand all of the customer drivers during the home build or home search process. For the Asian-American population, fung shui applications are essential and understanding these considerations goes hand-in-hand with being one of the best custom home builders around. We’re privileged to work with clients of a variety of cultures and we are more than happy to accommodate all client requests.

There are many aspects of feng-shui that incorporate both home location and the design of the home. Deal beakers for clients can include off-putting elements such as sloped backyards, kitchens directly above the master bedroom, the home’s back staircase facing the front door directly, or the location of the home at the end of a dead end street. Other important elements include the cardinal direction of the home, the home’s street placement and the placement of the stairs. Positive feng-shui principles include an uncluttered kitchen designed in complimentary colors, proper floor plan and layout flow for the rest of the home, and careful outdoor landscaping.

Villane’s goal is to develop homes that support our clients’ dreams and deliver the ideal home to match their goals for the future and that of their family. We build to your environment and vision, with feng-shui principles that empower our clients and help them thrive. When building a new house, you have the freedom to adhere to feng-shui principles right from the start. We’ve been helping homeowners design their dream homes in New Jersey. Contact us to get started on your project today! Let us feng-shui your custom floor plan.

Source: Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Feng Shui Survey


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