More Commonly Asked Questions for Custom Home Builders in NJ

Our last post on questions to ask custom home builders in NJ explained that the list was not exhaustive. To help you develop a more complete list for making sure you’re choosing the right builder, here are a few more.

What is your home building experience in the area and how long have you been in business?

The builder you choose should have a great deal of experience in the field as well as working in the geographic area where you plan to build your home. This shows they have the track record in:

  • Navigating the local zoning and inspection process
  • The area’s geographic makeup
  • Neighborhoods and communities including their livability, desirability, and property values

How long have you been working with your building crews and subcontractors?

Asking pertinent questions about the build crew and/or subcontractors is important for getting a feel for their skill level, reliability and dependability. How well they know the tradespeople and how long they’ve worked together over how many projects says a lot about what you can expect in the build process and the final custom home.

Do you have past project examples and a list of past clients I can speak with?

Every reputable builder has a portfolio of their work and past clients to consult. The questions you ask their references should be very specific to be sure they’re as unbiased as possible and not giving you rehearsed answers.

Does the builder do any follow-up after the homeowner is settled in?

While this is a question that you can ask the builder, it’s best to make it one of the questions you ask former clients about if and how the builder follows up in the months and years with any concerns or questions that they have had.

What is your design support regarding finishes?

Ideally, you should be seeking out vendors with design showrooms and on-staff experts to ensure all finishing selections are compatible if that level of service support is made part of the design service package.

What variables can change the final costs of my home?

It’s in your best interest to make sure everything is clear to you, which starts with any variables in the final cost of your custom home. Before any work begins or you sign any contract, request a detailed written estimate outlining exactly what you’re paying for and how much it will be.

While these and other questions are important to know and ask, the ideal scenario is the builder goes over these aspects without being asked or prompted. In fact, the best custom home builders are so experienced that they will provide answers and support in areas you may not have even considered.

These builders understand that a good client is an informed client. For them, your satisfaction with the building experience and the finished home are the foundation of their brand and reputation.


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