Increase Your Home’s Value With a Fireplace Makeover

With the colder seasons upon us, you may be thinking about updating your old fireplace, remodeling it or building a new one. There are many choices faced when undergoing a fireplace remodel, with cost, style and installation as a few critical considerations. This article touches on a few important options for you to consider when deciding upon your fireplace renovation.

Fireplaces are often considered to be the most visually commanding element in the room, and our eyes are often drawn to the darkest object in a space, despite the size and material. In most cases, an unlit firebox. Therefore, you want this element to compliment your living space and the rest of your house. If you live in an older home, an outdated fireplace can pose a challenge as to how to approach a remodel. Should you paint it, cover it, or remove it entirely?

Wrapped Fireplaces

A quick solution to updating an outdated fireplace is to wrap it, either in tile or another material. This is fairly inexpensive and an ideal way to maintain the existing brick in case a future home buyer prefers the original design. Brick fireplaces wrapped in tile create a dramatic and modern look.

Slab Fireplaces

If you’re considering a minimalist aesthetic, a slab of granite, marble or another solid surface creates a clean and dramatic look. Your fireplace remodeling expert can advise on slab selection and the best area to cut prior to installation. Taking veining into consideration can create an ideal focal point.

Stone Fireplaces

Stone is another popular choice for fireplace remodels and there are endless options to choose from. Fieldstone in particular offers many textures, colors and varieties. Work with an fireplace installer or remodeling expert to determine which stones will work best for your fireplace front.

River Rock

Available in a variety of color palettes, these naturally round stones are available in a wide array of sizes and textures. Uniquely textural and neutral, river rock is a great choice for homes with rustic and traditional styles.

Painted Brick Fireplaces

A very popular option, painted brick is a top choice for a fireplace refresh. This is especially true for homeowners on a budget – if you’re looking to update your old red or brown brick but are cost conscious, painted brick can provide that modern, coastal and rustic look you’re seeking for a lesser budget.

Classic Brick

A timeless and relatively inexpensive option, brick is perfect for both traditional and popular transitional styles. Installation options are endless too – a staggered or stacked pattern can provide a more modern look.

Concrete Fireplaces

If you’re considering a modern style, poured-in-place concrete is a great choice. A specialist is definitely needed for installation and your general contractor can recommend a concrete expert to assist with the task, who can also guide you with regards to custom fabrication, raw materials and installation.

Contact a company with plenty of experience fireplace remodeling experience, even if the job just involves plastering and drywall. They can ensure your project goes smoothly and get you started off on the right foot. Villane is a leader in designing luxury custom homes for clients in Westfield, NJ and beyond.


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