When you signed that lease on your apartment, there was not a doubt in your mind that you’d forever be a city person. You would never look back on the suburban life from where you came. Not going to happen, not to you, not ever!

However, life happens. You get married, have a child or two and then, you get it. Living in the suburbs suddenly seems like a luxury. There’s no applications to get your kids into school, no waiting in line on the playground for a swing, no more co-sharing space with kids toys and having a car in front of your home would be so liberating.

You might miss the buzz of the city and your subway commute, but life in the burbs, especially a town like Westfield, NJ, can be wonderful. Westfield is the perfect place to make a smooth transition into suburbia. The downtown is thriving with prestige restaurants, mom and pop pizzerias and bakeries, gelato shops, Trader Joes, clothing boutiques and more. It will satisfy those city cravings while providing the comfort of raising your family in a safe town. Another big draw for moving to the area is the ability to build or buy a beautiful, customized home. Homes here have the charm you’ve been searching for with all the latest amenities you require today. Commuting is also a non-issue from a town like Westfield. There’s a short, 45-minute train or bus ride that will bring you back to the city whenever you’d like. Visit the Villane Buiding & Development Design Center to see the endless possibilities for creating your future dream home. Hurry up and get out here already!