Commonly Asked Questions for Custom Home Builders in NJ

Building your dream home is an exciting adventure but it’s also a complex one. Therefore, it’s natural to have a mountain of questions you need to ask prior to kicking off your project. When you’re trying to choose a custom home builder in NJ, its best to start with a list of strong questions and have a good understanding of what the right answers are before you begin your search. You’re always in a much better position if you spend as much time researching the process of home building and choosing a custom builder as you do in looking at designs, lots and neighborhoods. This checklist of commonly asked questions for home builders in NJ will be a perfect start to creating your complete list to ensure you have the right building partner to make for a smoother process that results in the home of your dreams.

How do we find a lot?
While a trusted relationship with a strong and connected realtor is one way of finding a lot, the right builder can be the ideal connection. Many of the most desirable neighborhoods only let one or two builders develop their neighborhoods. Therefore, it’s a valuable question to ask where the builder has strong records in developing and building homes successfully.

How long does the process of home building take from initial planning to finished construction?
From finding the right lot to finished construction can take as long as a year, depending on several factors. With the right custom home builder, the process can happen faster with the use of in-process construction that will rely on owner modifications and customization.

The fact is that the more the future homeowner can see their vision in one of many home plans that the builder provides, the more streamlined the process can become. A builder’s knowledge of the communities in which they center their building efforts is also important as well. Their knowledge about available lots, the neighborhoods, and the community ensures that it will be easier for them to fulfill the client’s needs and desires for how they wish to live.

Unforeseen delays can and will happen but inquiring about the timeframes for build permits and zoning requirements that can restrict home size and location on the property are ways to avoid the worst of those delays. Builders with strong subcontractor relationships can make it easier to schedule projects and streamline any bidding phase. It’s critical to seek concrete answers on these questions to make sure the timeline your given by the builder is as accurate as possible. This will play a big part in their ability to stay on schedule.

Who will be the point person/manager on my project to answer questions and provide updates?
Initial conversations should always include the person who will run the project. You should ensure that this person will be part of the blueprint, design and visual walkthrough phase using any 3D modeling or other tools. This will be vital to discussing aspects of the project that go beyond aesthetics to timeline checkpoints and answering any initial project progress questions. Knowing how the builder will communicate through design, the build, and the duration of the warranty and their method of communication is very important. The homeowner can learn a lot about how the builder communicates by asking questions but also by speaking with past clients and asking them pointed questions about the method and quality of communication with the builder.

This list of questions is not exhaustive but it’s a start. Be sure to do your homework and look for other pertinent questions to ask of your proposed builder to make the best choice for your budget, your needs and ability to realize your dream home.


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