2020’s Top Luxury Kitchen Design Trends

Although the modern home and how people live in it is constantly changing, a recent Houzz report has revealed the top kitchen design trends of 2020. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the latest colors, materials and elements that are on the rise. Based on Houzz research and data, as well as thousands of home design photos and some input from home design professionals, here is a good sampling of the kitchen design trends we think will be popular with homeowners in 2020.

1. Blue Cabinets

As far as colors go, it’s predicted that blue cabinets will see even more popularity in 2020. Both black and navy continue to be popular, but blue cabinets will be used in larger doses this year, for all kitchen cabinets (not just base and island). To balance out the rich blue, bone white, neutral and warm white and wool are also popular, white tones with a slight warmth to them to keep the entire kitchen design crisp and clean looking. Pantone chose “Classic Blue” as the 2020 color of the year, and this is a great option for kitchen cabinets and more.


2. Soft Colors

Expanding upon the light and bright colored kitchen trend, “soft colors” are big this year. Soft palettes can include various hues of grey, soft satin and brass fixtures and light colored marble countertops for an overall elegant and bright look.

3. Kitchen Countertops

According to Houzz, engineered quartz is on the rise for countertop material of choice (according to Houzz’s latest research, 51% of homeowners chose this material). However some designers are seeking out more polished alternatives with great durability – therefore, we can expect to see more porcelain in 2020 kitchens. Porcelain provides great patterns and a high quality aesthetic, while also offering those same heat-resistant and stain-resistant qualities that make quartz a great choice. Porcelain is also a top pic as it mimics the luxury look of Calacatta Gold marble, but doesn’t require all the maintenance. Some designers also choose porcelain over quartz as the veining in quartz looks less natural and more “digitized”. Quartzite is also a popular choice, on the rise as it’s also heat and scratch resistant.  2019’s most popular kitchen image on Houzz featured a large quartzite island countertop with beautiful veining.

4. Wood Cabinets / Painted Cabinets

2019 saw a surge of interest in incorporating natural wood cabinets amid painted cabinets. By bringing the warmth of wood to an all-white cabinet aesthetic (just a few cabinet fronts or drawers), designers are able to break up large expanses of neutral colors and introduce added texture and warm tones. Think walnut pullout drawers for pots and pans – they add cozy contrast to the stark clean white of cabinets and marble countertops. Pullout wood wine racks also offset a white cabinet color scheme and add visual interest.

5. Kitchen Islands

Although kitchen islands are nothing new, 2020 will see a trend in homeowners utilizing islands beyond simple storage solutions. Islands are growing larger and adapting to more functionalities. Almost one third of renovating homeowners now choose to update their kitchen islands with a dishwasher or microwave, according to Houzz’s trend report. Other homeowners elect to add a garbage disposal or cooktop. Islands are evolving to become multi-functional zones for cooking, seating, food prep and cleaning. Pullout chopping stations and beverage fridges incorporated into the end of the island are also a great choice. Bigger islands are on the rise too – Houzz revealed that almost one third of homeowners who are upgrading their kitchen islands chose to increase it to more than 7 feet. The traditional kitchen table is on the way out and families are opting for super large kitchen islands, that way they can all dine informally.

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